MMA Fighter
Professional featherweight record: 19-12-0-1
Head MMA coach at Legends Gym Kensington
Fighting out of IMMA Ballymena/ Legends Gym, Kensington

Birthday: 22/09/1992
Hometown: Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Always involved in sports, Alan discovered boxing at 12, and started training every night to learn the craft.  He medaled in a few novice competitions, which just stoked his love of the sport.  At 16, Alan transitioned to MMA, where something clicked, and Alan has dedicated his life to it ever since.  Over 11 years later he has 32 pro fights and 17 amateur fights under his belt, having fought in the USA, England, Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland , Japan, Poland , Australia and Singapore.


Pro Titles

  • Bamma Lonsdale bantamweight champion
  • Akuma bantamweight champion
  • Wimmaaoo Northern Irish Bantamweight champion

Amateur Titles

  • EFR all Irish Bantamweight champion

Other credentials

  • Amateur U18 Irish fighter of the year
  • Represented Ireland to fight Team USA

Pro Accolades

  • Fight of the year vs top duquensoy
  • Numerous Fight of the Night awards
  • First fighter from UK & Ireland to fight for One Championship, selected to take part in Rich Franklin’s One Warrior Series