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Adjustable Tactical Weight Vest: plate carrier vest to jack up the intensity of your already hardcore strength & conditioning training.

For use with weight plates or military gears,

Arm plate carrier is a minimalist, fast-fitting plate carrier that can be customized to carry equipment as needed. Low profile for undercover and security missions for both police and military use.



There are 4 slots on the left elastic section and 4 slots on the right elastic section for storing magazines 5.56, flashbang, smoke grenade, radio, tourniquet etc.,

Velcro panel on the front for callsign and Velcro panel on the back for the name of the unit or team,
Medium Size 10 ″ x 12 ″ (25 cm x 30 cm) for the recommended plate thickness of 1 ″,

The inside uses a mesh / net for operator comfort to allow air circulation when worn,
There is a buckle on the front for mounting a chestrig and a buckle slot on the back for mounting a backpack(NOT INCLUDED) check more in accessories.

Velcro using YKK Cosmolon provides 10,000 times more pullout durability,

Weight 600 grams,

The purchase package does not include a plate

Length: 25cm / 10” Height: 30 cm / 12″ Circumference: fully adjustable
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