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Backpack 30L

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Introducing the 30L Tactical Backpack:

Unleash Your Potential - a fusion of strength, functionality, and personalization. Check out our smaller 30L version tailored to match the efficiency and style of our popular 45L backpack.

Gear up for your martial arts journey with our 30L Tactical Backpack, designed to seamlessly blend durability, functionality, and style. Crafted from high-quality 1000D material, this backpack is your ultimate training partner, ready to endure the challenges of your martial arts practice.

Key Features:

Rugged Construction:

  • Built from tough 1000D material, this backpack is a testament to durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of martial arts training and travel.

Secure Zipper Closure:

  • Your gear stays secure with a zipper closure that combines ease of use with reliable protection. Focus on your training, knowing your essentials are safely stored.

Generous 30L Capacity:

  • With a spacious 30L capacity, this backpack accommodates all your martial arts gear, making it perfect for training sessions, competitions, and beyond.

Laser Cut MOLLE Loop System:

  • The specially designed Laser Cut MOLLE Loop System adds versatility to your training routine. Customize your backpack with martial arts accessories, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Organized Interior:

  • Two large compartments, equipped with multiple zip and mesh pockets, keep your gear organized and easily accessible. Stay in control of your equipment, so you can focus on honing your skills.

Velcro Strips for Personalization:

  • Make a statement with Velcro strips for personalization. Showcase your martial arts identity with patches, logos, or badges, and let your individuality shine. Each backpack comes with removable Arm Sports and Keep Grinding patches.

Fit for Travel:

  • Sized to fit carry-on specifications, this backpack is not only perfect for training but also for those who are always on the move. Navigate airports and martial arts arenas effortlessly with a backpack that suits your dynamic lifestyle.

Waterproof and Rip-Proof Fabric:

  • Face any challenge head-on with confidence. Durable outer shell with waterproof inner compartment ensures your gear remains protected in all weather conditions, providing peace of mind during your martial arts journey.

Unleash your potential with a backpack that's as dedicated to your journey as you are. Gear up and conquer the mats!


    Suitable for cabin luggage

    • Length: 48 cm
    • Width 28 cm
    • Depth: 24 cm

    Backpack 30L
    Backpack 30L
    Backpack 30L
    Backpack 30L
    Backpack 30L
    Backpack 30L
    Backpack 30L
    Backpack 30L